We are a group of
modern dairy farmers,
make no compromise
to quality

Caring High quality
Professional International standard

Professionally managed with ideal conditions for milking cows

Specially selected cows bred to international standards

High quality milk with natural nutrition and no additives

Professional management team with in-depth farming and dairy experience

AustAsia’s farms in Shandong are located in the Yellow River Delta of China and shares the same latitude as San Francisco, California. It’s weather is conducive for cattle breeding and its farm environment has been custom designed by international experts. AustAsia continuously promotes the physiological welfare of our cows engages U.S. animal welfare auditors for this purpose.


Specially selected imported cows bred to international standards as milking cows.
Total Mixed Ration feeding technique provides cows with fresh feed 4 times a day.
Strictly selected feed by nutritionists to ensure every meal is balanced, from concentrate to roughage and with good nutrition


AustAsia owns 7 large scale farms in China with a daily milk production of over 1,000 tons of the highest quality raw milk. We use milk produced from AustAsia farms only. We use no additives and the protein level is ≥3.2%. Our best farming practices ensure that microbe count and somatic cell count are well below Japan, EU and US standards by a significant margin.


AustAsia has a professional farm management team coupled with industry leading equipment. We are guided by international best practices and set high expectations of ourselves.


Full control of the supply chain

Provide best quality milk